Flora’s Own

Some cocktails have been created to be stylish.

Genius take classic ingredients, mix it in good proportions and… A little magic, and now we have Dry Martini, Manhattan, Margarita and a lot of other good cocktails men like to drink.

But what women want? Ha-ha-ha, not love. I mean what do they want to drink? For them Manhattan is too dry, Martini is too strong…

Maybe Cosmopolitan, a perfect drink for girls?

I don’t think so. Women want men’s toys. They wear jeans, drive sportcars, smoke cigars. Do they want to drink something like Dry Martini? Yes, exactly. Do they want to get drunk? No, they don’t. So a fresh idea is needed – mild tasty drink with appearance as good as Dry Martini or Manhattan.

Not long ago I was searching for a new drink with gin and Drambuie. And I’ve found it at CocktailDB – dry vermouth with small quantities of gin and Drambuie, it looks like Martini opposite.

It’s called Flora’s own. The recipe looks tempting:

Flora’s Own

  • 45 ml dry vermouth,
  • 20 ml gin,
  • 20 ml Drambuie.

stir and strain into coctail glass.

At first time I was stunned. It was beautiful, really beautiful drink with pleasing appearance of pale amber and complex taste.

Flora's Own

Next week I was trying to find perfect Flora’s Own.

My bar is very modest so I tried all gins I have at the moment: mild Seagram’s, harsh Gordon’s and spicy and powerful Bombay Sapphire. The last one was near perfect and with Drambuie gave well-balanced bittersweet palate with rich aftertaste of bitter herbs and sweet spicy honey. Long bitter but delicate finish is another achievement of Bombay Sapphire and Drambuie.

Orange peel squeezed into glass brings more freshness to taste and nose. The nose was quite sweet because of Cinzano Extra Dry which was used as dry vermouth. But I have a feeling that Cinzano is not dry enough for this drink because it fails to manage a power of gin and liqueur and brings undesirable sour notes to aftertaste. Reality is cruel: here in Russia only Cinzano and Martini are distributed well, and there are no another vermouth brands presented yet in our Hyperborea.

But despite this remark, my Flora’s Own was charming. And I don’t know whether women like it because I have drank it all by myself. It ‘s the pure temptation I can’t to resist.