The Dreamy Dorini Smokin’ Martini

As you know, Martini Cocktail is very popular one and has lots and lots of varieties which often have nothing in common with classic Martini.

As a conservative person, I love traditional approach and always make old good Dry Martini including Vodka Martini, one of my favourite nightcaps.

Smoky Martini is the creation of dazzling «Libation Goddes» Audrey Saunders. The recipe looks very nice, audacious and austere at the same time. It was luring me, and once I’ve gave in to it.

When reading «Thinking Bartender Barbook» by George Sinclair, I’ve saw there this recipe with gorgeous title «The Dreamy Dorini Smokin’ Martini» and decided to make t immediately.

The idea to substitute phenolic single malt scotch for dry vermouth looks like a bit mad… But who am I to doubt Goddess’ creativity?

Unlike using scotch instead dry vermouth, a few drops of pastis mentioned in the recipe appear as very interesting feature.

A model for my exercises was that recipe from «Thinking Bartender Barbook»:

  • 60 ml vodka,
  • 15 ml Scotch (something smoky like Laphroiag),
  • 2 dashes of Pernod/ Ricard.

Shake with ice, then strain into a chilled cocktail glass; garnish with a lemon twist.

I get used to choose between two Scandinavian vodkas – Absolut and Finlandia. This time was the same. And for pastis I took Ricard, for Scotch – Laphroiag 10yo.

After some experiments my The Dreamy Dorini Smokin’ Martini recipe turned to this one:

  • 60 ml Absolut Vodka,
  • 15 ml Laphroaig 10yo Single Malt Scotch Whisky,
  • a half of teaspoon Ricard pastis.

Stir briefly (for 10 seconds) with ice and strain into a cocktail glass rubbed with a piece of lemon zest. Lemon twist as garnish is optional but strongly recommended.

Usually (and this time too) I didn’t chill my cocktail glass because I think that extra low temperature prevents me from tasting all notes of drink’s flavour.

In addition, I chose stirring instead shaking because… because of martini tradition – «stirred, not shaken». And as for all my Vodka Martini, I’m used to stirring briefly to get full-bodied vodka flavour. By the way, Gary Regan mentioned stirring too.

The Dreamy Dorini Smokin’ Martini

My Smoky Martini has pleasant tint of light yellow and nice smoky aroma with a touch of anise.

Its restrained fine palate based on neutral vodka flavour flourishes in delicate bouquet of Islay peat and smoke with light touches of vanilla and pepper.

Aftertaste is more bright, it combines wood and zest flavours with iodine and anise notes and comes to long tart finish with omnipresent smoky flavour.

This is outstanding cocktail with strong character, perfect for Vodka Martini lovers. After a week of experiments, I started to worship «Libation Goddes» Audrey Saunders.

She’s the best, her The Dreamy Dorini Smokin’ Martini overcame the trite «james-bond-bla-bla-bla-vodka-martni» trend.

My drunken hymns are for you, Audrey!