Auchentoshan Classic Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Auchentoshan Classic Single Malt Whisky is another attempt to release a single malt whisky for beginners at a reasonable price. Such whiskies are very attractive because of their extremely low prices but some doubts about their quality are present though.

I had have the experience testing similar Bowmore Distillery product, and the result of that test encourages me to taste another young single malt scotch.

Auchentoshan Classic is produced at Auchentoshan Distillery, one of only three distilleries located in the Lowland region.

It’s known that Lowland whiskies are smooth and delicate. Auchentoshan Distillery traditionally uses triple distillation and unpeated malt so accordingly press release spirits produced there have especially mild flavour.

As it written at the bottle label, Auchentoshan Classic has 40%ABV and was matured in bourbon oak casks. No age statement is provided.

As usual, this whisky has been tested at room temperature, 50 ml in snifter.

Nose is very interesting, rich and sweet: coconut, hazelnut, cherry seeds, touches of vanilla and apple.

Palate is definitely from other whisky: weak body, no bright features, only wood and slightly malt on the swallow. Simple and dry taste, medium burn. Not great in comparison with the nose. Just straight scotch whisky.

Austere aftertaste: dried fruits, almonds, light touch of oak.

Weak dry finish without any recognizable undertones.

But nevertheless I think Auchentoshan Classic is good whisky. For smelling.

Auchentoshan Classic Single Malt Scotch Whisky

For tasting it isn’t s great but looks better than blended scotches available for the price I paid for Auchentoshan Classic. The big difference between rich nose and ascetic palate does its work – subjectively the whisky is lacking for a balance.

But if you’re not experienced whisky lover (just like I am), you will be pleased with its straight taste and delightful nose. Just smell it for a minute and drink for a second.

I like to test young cheap single malt whiskies in cocktails. And my favorite tool to find out how a whisky behaves in mixed drinks is Rusty Nail : 45 ml whisky, 20 ml Drambuie, 2 ice cubes.

This time in the nose Drambuie herbal-and-honey flavours reign. Behind them, there are some wood and earthen notes. Definitely these ones were added by Auchentoshan Classic.

Palate was Drambuie-like too: honey, flowers, a bit of ginger and medium burn. But on the swallow whisky does its work adding wood and leather flavour.

Aftertaste is pleasantly long and dry with herbs, ginger and bitter honey undertones with pepper and cloves notes on the background.

Actually, that was nice cocktail.

Rusty Nail

Auchentoshan Classic can’t compete with Drambuie powerful taste. It plays second fiddle very well when adding strong cask flavours to rich Drambuie aroma.

That’s looks like usual blended scotch behaviour – maybe not great result for single malt whisky but honestly there are many blended scotches I can’t buy for the money I spent on Auchentoshan Classic.

Definitely people at  Morrison Bowmore Distillers that owns Achentoshan reached their goal.  Auchentoshan Classic is arousing interest for this Lowland distillery another products.

Also I use Achentoshan Classic in The Forty-Five cocktail.