S.I.P. #1: Margarita

This post is my contribution to the first Russian Internet imbibers event called «S.I.P.».

At first blush similar to «Mixology Monday», our event is targeted to few Russian-speaking cocktail bloggers who already knew each other. We just want to share our passion and ideas with other Russian imbibers and to invite new people to join our cocktail community. And the main differences from MixMo will be very close and friendly atmosphere and much more opinions and discussions.

Well, the topic for the first event is Margarita, famous tequila-based cocktail.

There are so much views on the man (or woman) who was behind this beautiful recipe. And there are so many proportions in mixing tequila, triple sec and lime juice. I’m not going to seek the truth. I just want to show Margaritas I like and to tell something how I see my perfect Margarita.

Firstly, I prefer tequila blanco 100% agave because that’s true tequila for me, pure agava flavour. I have no intentions to dismiss tequila reposado or anejo as an ingredient for Margarita but I have strong feeling that they are not for me. I like to sip it but not to mix.

My choice today (and yesterday, and this month, and this year too) is Don Fernando Blanco, double distilled mellow and smooth tequila.

Triple sec… I’m used to substituting Cointreau for triple sec in every recipe which calls for the latter. Cointreau is much stronger and deeper in taste, so why not?

Lime, that’s simple. No lemon, no sweet’n’sour. Just fresh lime juice. Tequila blanco loves to be accompanied  by lime, they create a perfect pair.

Salt rim. Well, that’s a must but I think sometimes salt isn’t necessary.

Glasses and ice. I don’t like ice in Margarita so I serve it only straight up. Usually in cocktail glasses but  for fruit Margaritas I prefer special «margarita» glasses.

The first Margarita recipe I want to share is

My  Margarita Light (3/1,5/1)

  • 45 ml Don Fernando Tequila Blanco,
  • 22 ml fresh lime juice,
  • 15 ml Cointreau.

A plenty of ice, vigorous shake. Cocktail glass, often without salt rim.


This Margarita has very subtle tequila flavour and robust citrus aroma. Fresh and energetic, it comes with a little sweet light palate and wonderful lime finish with tequila sitting at the background. I like to drink this Margarita very cold in summer to see how it flourishes after first minute in warm.

The second version is stronger.

My Real Margarita (3/1/1)

  • 45 ml Don Fernando Tequila Blanco,
  • 15 ml fresh lime juice,
  • 15 ml Cointreau.

Vigorous shake. Cocktail glass with sea salt rim.


This one starts with sweet and sour pair of lime and Cointreau, and a moment later tequila enters with full-bodied oily and a little bitter flavour. Tart on the swallow, the taste reveals all tequila undertones – roundish oiliness, smoky aftertaste and bitter fresh lime zest on the background.

Amazing! That’s the Margarita I love to sip slowly, the best Margarita for my choice.

Recently I was experimenting with fresh pomergranate juice. Particularly, it was perfect in the company with tequila and prosecco therefore I was going to try it in Margarita.

So the last cocktail today,

Margarita In The City

  • 60 ml Don Fernando Tequila Blanco,
  • 15 ml fresh lime juice,
  • 30 ml fresh pomergranate juice,
  • 20 ml Cointreau.

Shake with a plenty of ice. Margarita glass with salt rim.

Margarita In The City

Despite double portion of pomergranate juice, this cocktail has no exact pomergranate flavour.

It was sweetened and a bit tart lime that dominates in the beginning. It looks like pomergranate juice was sweet., and in combination with Cointreau and pomergranate lime has lost its flat sourness and became unusually smooth and deep. Very interesting!

Tequila joins lime and pomergranate on the swallow. Oily and a bit smoky, it creates a great flavour triangle with juices, and it lasts through mellow and fresh aftertaste to light bitter finish.

Tasty Margarita with fresh and light aroma and amazing appearance. Hope ladies will be pleased.