Bananas Foster Cocktail

This cocktail is adapted from Bananas Foster Cocktail created by Shawn from Rejiggered. According to his words, he made it as liquid version of Bananas Foster dessert he enjoyed at one New Orleans restaurant.

For me, it was just one more cocktail experience in which I had a training how to properly use cream in cocktails. Honestly I was skeptical about this cocktail because usually I prefer bitter and strong drinks. But I was wrong and eventually ended up in love with sweet creamy cocktails.

Firstly I’ve tried the original cocktail.

Bananas Foster Cocktail

  • 60 ml dark rum (Appleton Estate V/X),
  • 30 ml banana liqueur (Marie Brizard Banana),
  • 30 ml brown sugar syrup (homemade Demerara syrup),
  • 30 ml cream.

Shake with ice and strain in cocktail glass with sugar-cinnamon rim.

 Bananas Foster Cocktail

And I don’t like that drink. It was too heavy for me. Too much synthetic banana flavour,too much sweetness from syrup and liqueur, sticky burnt sugar aftertaste from rum and syrup. Definitely not my drink.

Then I tried to reduce sweetness and to lighten texture. Rum made way to brandy, banana liqueur halved and paired with cacao liqueur. Also later some species extracts added.

Bananas Foster Cocktail (Re-mixed and improved)

  • 45 ml brandy (Monnet VSOP Cognac),
  • 15 ml  banana liqueur (Marie Brizard Banana),
  • 10 ml thick brown sugar syrup (homemade Demerara syrup [2:1]),
  • 10 ml cacao liqueur (Marie Brizard Cacao White),
  • 3-5 drops homemade vanilla extract,
  • 1 drop homemade spice extract (cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, star anise, allspice),
  • 30 ml cream,
  • grated cinnamon as a garnish.

Shake vigorously and strain in cocktail glass. Garnish with grated cinnamon.

Well, this one is different. My version got light creamy texture and subtle cinnamon-cream nose. Full-bodied flavour – sweet cream, banana and chocolate notes, cognac in aftertaste, hints of vanilla and other species. A bit dry and spicy finish where cognac’s wood undertone meets molasses, cardamom and cloves. No excessive sweetness, no heavy burnt sugar aftertaste.

Mmmm… I love it!