Recently  I’ve remembered about one nice cocktail I had found at Esquire drinks database when  searching for classic cocktails with bourbon. It’s called Commodore, and I can’t resist to its promising combination of crème de cacao and bourbon.

Craddock wrote about another Commodore version with rye whiskey, lime, sugar and orange bitter. Version I made is more sweeter. David Wondrich’s story refers it to Waldorf-Astoria bar book.

Sweeter Commodore version got bourbon instead rye whiskey, lemon juice instead lime and an ounce of cacao liqueur instead dashes of sugar.

Truly I prefer bitter drinks but I couldn’t resist this temptation.


  • 45 ml bourbon (Knob Creek),
  • 30 ml white cacao liqueur (Marie Brizard Cacao White),
  • 30 ml fresh lemon juice,
  • 1 dash grenadine.

Shake well with a plenty of ice and strain in cocktail glass.


Starting with sour and sweet citrus sip, it brings deep and rich palate of chocolate, wood, nuts, prunes and vanilla. Warm cacao aftertaste creates nice pair with oak undertones when it comes to long and a little dry palate.

Awesome drink – well-balanced, full-bodied, strong and lively. Not bitter but definitely the cocktail is worth tasting.