Belgian beer round-up #3

This is my third Belgian beer review including two ales – light and dark and one witbier.

The first and the second review are also available.




Dominus Double Brune

Dominus Double Brune

Bottle 0.33l, 6.5% ABV.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, sugar, hops.

Type: brune ale, top-fermented.

Produced by Dutch brewery De Koningshoeven. But this Belgian-style ale is brewed at De Koningshoeven brewery located in Belguim.

Also I reviewed blond ale Dominus in my second Belgian beer round-up.

Served at 8-10°С in trappist glass.

Dominus Double Brune

Appearance: transparent, red-brown coloured. The foam is brown and quite weak.

Yeasty nose with bread and burnt sugar tones.

The taste is usual for dark Belgian ales: roasted barley malt, coffee, some fruit notes at the background and rye bread at the end.

Dominus Double Brune looks not too thick but its aftertaste is amasingly long and thick. Sipping it carefully, I can’t find any distinctive features in the beer. Just another dark Belgian ale, not bad if you don’t notice the excessive burnt sugar flavor in the aftertaste.

Augustijn Blond

Augustijn Blond

Bottle 0.33l, 7% ABV.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, yeast, hops.

Type: blond ale, top-fermented.

Belgian brewery Brouwerij Van Steenberge produce this nice ale as well as a tons of other brands of beer. One of the famous ales brewed at Brouwerij Van Steenberge is Leute Bokbier.

Recently Augustijn Blond has changed its label design from white to dark coloured.

Served at 8-10°С in trappist glass.

Augustijn Blond

Appearance: gold and transparent, with yellowish-white strong foam.

Strong nose of bread and yeast.

Full-bodied taste is lighter than nose: malt, delicate hops notes, thick and sweetish wheat bread in the aftertaste, light fruits undertone on the palate.

Very nice well-balanced  ale. Fresh, thick enough, full-bodied taste and subtle pleasant aftertaste.

Definitely that’s an example of good Belgian blond ales.

Monastère Wheat Beer

Monastère Wheat Beer

Bottle 0.25l, 5% ABV.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, wheat, yeast, hops.

Type: wheat beer, top-fermented.

Produced by United Dutch Breweries in Holland. So that’s not Belgian beer and not witbier. But this Monastère Beer is positioned in Belgian style therefore I count it as Belgian

Served at 5-7°С in flute glass.

Monastère Wheat Beer

Appearance: dark-yellow, non-transparent, with weak white foam.

Usual weak nose with light malt notes.

Decent fresh taste with very light wheat flavor. A little sweet in the end. Light malt aftertaste.

No hops, no thickness, no sour aftertaste, no features.

Light beer for hot summer days and nothing more than that. I’m confident that was my last bottle of Monastère Wheat Beer. I didn’t like it.