Alizé Daiquiri

Do you love classic Daiquiri? If you ask me, I’ll answer that I didn’t understand it until I’ve got used to mix there aged Cuban rums only. Cocktails with lime and white rum make me sick, to be honest. Too acid and plain for my taste. A few years later Moscow stores offered too little rum and there were mainly cheap white rums: Cuban pair Varadero and Havana Club and Puerto Rican Bacardi, of course. Later the situation has improved a lot but since those times I dislike «ron blanco».

So now I’m used to take medium-bodied aged Cuban rums when I need to mix Daiquiri. Maybe that’s wrong but the cocktail benefits from strong and distinct rum flavour. Also I’m choosing aged rums when I want to make some fruit twists on classic Daiquiri. And this time I’ve used it in my passion fruit inspired cocktail.

Here I’ve used Alizé Gold Passion, a modern liqueur based on Cognac and passion fruit. With Cuban rum, it creates wonderful tropical aroma – fruity, spicy and exotic.

Alizé Gold Passion liqueur is a true tropical drink with thick bittersweet and exotic taste of passion fruit lying on a brandy-flavoured base. It’s pretty good served on the rocks but I was interested in mixing it with rum or gin. With rum, it was better so I’ve tried the liqueur in Daiquiri formula.

The cocktail I’ve ended up with didn’t look like Daiquiri we’re all used to counting as classic. And it didn’t taste of classic Daiquiri as well. I’ve just used there aged Varadero rum and added passion fruit liqueur instead of some part of simple syrup so now this yellow cocktail has nothing in common with dry and sour classic Daiquiri. But I’m a brave guy so I’ve called it Alizé Daiquiri all the same.

Alizé Daiquiri

  • 50 ml aged Cuban rum (Varadero 7 Años),
  • 25 ml Alizé Gold Passion,
  • 20 ml fresh lime juice,
  • 5-10 ml simple syrup (optional, to balance lime tartness).

Shake all ingredients with ice and double strain in cocktail glass. Garnish with a slice of lime or kiwi fruit.

Alizé Daiquiri

The nose and the taste of the cocktail inherit Alizé Gold Passion aroma which mainly consists of sweet and musk tropical fruits flavours. It was a little bitter in the end where molasses and spice notes met exotic fruits to combine in very exotic fashion. Rum added a lot of warm undertones to the taste but overall impression didn’t depend too much on it. Rum just makes wonderful, true Caribbean background for the rich sweet fruit composition slightly balanced with lime sourness.

The cocktail was as tropical and exotic as the used liqueur is while all other ingredients worked together to underline sweet trend I tried to developed there. Not sour and not dry but sweet and exotic Daiquiri. Why not?