Recently  I’ve remembered about one nice cocktail I had found at Esquire drinks database when  searching for classic cocktails with bourbon. It’s called Commodore, and I can’t resist to its promising combination of crème de cacao and bourbon.

Craddock wrote about another Commodore version with rye whiskey, lime, sugar and orange bitter. Version I made is more sweeter. David Wondrich’s story refers it to Waldorf-Astoria bar book.

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Bananas Foster Cocktail

This cocktail is adapted from Bananas Foster Cocktail created by Shawn from Rejiggered. According to his words, he made it as liquid version of Bananas Foster dessert he enjoyed at one New Orleans restaurant.

For me, it was just one more cocktail experience in which I had a training how to properly use cream in cocktails. Honestly I was skeptical about this cocktail because usually I prefer bitter and strong drinks. But I was wrong and eventually ended up in love with sweet creamy cocktails.

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