MxMo XLVIII: Pain in the Ass – The Bunny Hug

This is my debut in MixMo events, and I’m happy to know that this one is the fourth anniversary Mixology Monday event.

The theme is not pleasant as I would like it to be but I instantly thought of one drink which make me very disappointed. It’s called The Bunny Hug, and I’ve knew about it in Slakethirst blog.

Funny coincidence: I was inspired by the Slakethirst post which was for the very first Mixology Monday event dedicated to pastis.

I’ve made this cocktail twice when I was searching for recipes with Ricard pastis. I was so enthusiastic about Monkey Gland and was going to make all drinks with pastis. The Bunny Hug has stopped my impulse with its harsh and unpleasant flavour. I didn’t give up and tried to use another bourbon and another gin but failed again.

So now is the time to make the third effort.

This time I prepared my best gin and bourbon – Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin and Knob Creek Straight Kentucky Bourbon.

The Bunny Hug recipe is very simple: equal parts of gin, bourbon and pastis should be stirred with ice.

So I took:

  • 20 ml gin,
  • 20 ml bourbon,
  • 20 ml pastis (Ricard).

Stirred it well with ice and served in cocktail glass.

The Savoy Cocktail Book recommends serving The Bunny Hug immediately. Probably because of its strength. Or because of its awful harsh flavour? I think about the second reason.

It smells nice but the palate is awful – harsh, burning, full of medicine flavours and pure alcohol. As expected licorice and anise prevail but rich flavours of bourbon and gin are all ruined.

Finish is the worst thing. I have needed a glass of juice with a splash of Fernet Branca to wash away its chalky flavour.

It seems like the better ingredients I use the worse result I get. Utter fiasco…

The Bunny Hug

Bunnyhugs tells that The Bunny Hug cocktail has been named after a ragtime dance. Another story is that this drink divides people to liking pastis and disliking it.

Hmm… I like pastis in dashes and table(or tea)spoons. Sometimes I drink it diluted with water and served with ice.

But I can’t dance and can’t drink cocktails with considerable amount of pastis.

Should I try another pastis brand or absinthe? Or should I give up and forget this real pain in the ass drink?

This is another headache for me. Or another pain in the ass?

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