Here is another refreshing drink which could be great in summer. Also it will work as welcome drink. But I see it as perfect woman’s drink – fresh, sour and sweet, sparkling and with low alcohol content. And his bright orange colour is one more thing which could attract woman’s eye.

It’s called Puccini, and I’ve learnt about it thanks to Simon Difford’s website.

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Mandarine Margarita

Tequila is not a spirit I often used in cocktails. I can’t say that I don’t like tequila but usually I prefer gin and whiskey. The cause is unclear. Maybe tequila isn’t as flexible as other spirits in use or I just have no chance to enjoy good tequila yet.

In any case, usually I take a bottle of tequila only to make Margarita, a perfect cocktail that I can’t stop to enjoy. Besides classic Margarita, I love to make mandarin and strawberry versions from time to time.

It’s funny that it’s harder to buy high quality strawberry liqueur rather than the same mandarin liqueur. Cognac-based Mandarine Napoléon is a quite expensive stuff but it’s widely available and of highest quality so this liqueur is a must for the cocktail I’m talking about.

Mandarine Margarita was my long-term wish since I’ve saw it at Science Of Drink. Version with Cointreau was a bomb so I was burning with desire for Mandarine Napoléon version. And when I’ve bought the liqueur, I’ve made Mandarine Margarita right away.

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