Here is another refreshing drink which could be great in summer. Also it will work as welcome drink. But I see it as perfect woman’s drink – fresh, sour and sweet, sparkling and with low alcohol content. And his bright orange colour is one more thing which could attract woman’s eye.

It’s called Puccini, and I’ve learnt about it thanks to Simon Difford’s website.

Giacomo Puccini was a great Italian opera composer. The cocktail is named after him, and there is definite link between famous Bellini cocktail made with peach purée and prosecco and Puccini cocktail made with muddled mandarin (mandarin purée) and prosecco.

Someone (Simon Difford???) has added Mandarine Napoléon liqueur to the cocktail recipe. Great move! The liqueur completed the cocktail’s taste bringing there pleasant depth and a hint of luxurious sweetness.

I prefer here sour mandarins because a fair amount of Mandarine Napoléon easily copes with citrus acidity and with dry prosecco at the same time.


  • 8 mandarin segments,
  • 25 ml Mandarine Napoléon liqueur,
  • dry prosecco (Zonin Prosecco Brut).

Muddle mandarin in a shaker. Add liqueur and ice. Shake and double strain into Champagne flute. Top wit dry prosecco and stir lightly.


Maybe eight mandarin segments will not be enough so feel free to add more. Also amount of prosecco should be adjusted to taste.

Mandarin flavour is the main point of Puccini cocktail. Fresh citrusy start turns in full-bodied complex flavour where sour and sweet citrus comes in balance with sweet Cognac-like notes of Mandarine Napoléon and with prosecco faint dryness. Aftertaste shines with fine hints of citrus marmalade and sparkling prosecco mouthfeel.

So I think Puccini cocktail could help to attract woman’s attention. If not, try to add stylish evening dress and two tickets to box in opera house, and maybe you will win her favour…