Ruby Rangoon

Another long drink I want to talk about has a weird history. Unfortunately I have no direct access to sources mentioned below and can’t say exactly about it. Information I stubbornly gathered in Internet is a quite diverse so my summary version looks like a theory.

Because the first recipe I’ve found was a cocktail from CocktailDB, I’ve named the article Ruby Rangoon. Maybe that’s not completely correct but I love this version much more than all others.

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Leap Frog Highball

This post is inspired by the discussion about limited possibilities to buy original ginger ale in Russia and Ukraine.

I just walked to supermarket positioned itself as an elite food and drinks shop and bought there a bottle of Schweppes Canada Dry Ginger Ale, the only original ginger ale brand I ever see in Moscow.

I wanted to make a simple long drink with ginger ale, and Moscow Mule was the first recipe came into my mind. But later I read some articles and I didn’t like that I found out about this drink. Then I just browsed CocktailDB and found a simple and nice cocktail similar to Tom Collins. It’s called Leap Frog Highball.

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