Salty Chihuahua

One day I lurked on cocktails blogs (it’s my usual pastime when I drink something usual – hot spiced tea with rum or just a dram of whisky). I was searching for something fresh and easy…

An then I found beautiful and simple recipe on the blog called White on Rice Couple. It was “Salty Chihuahua”, a variation on famous “Salty Dog” where tequila was used instead of gin (or vodka).

Very simple but I was so hungry for bright summer drinks and I love dogs so much… So I did it!

I love big glasses so I took my double rock glass and converted initial proportions for it:

Salty Chihuahua

  • 60 ml tequila,
  • 120 ml fresh red grapefruit juice.

Shake briefly and strain into glass filled with ice. Salt rim is highly recommended.

I preferred tequila reposado to blanco. At that time my choice was Leyenda Milagro Reposado, a common reposado tequila with decent taste. I thought that it should be able to control double volume of sour grapefuit juice.
The result you can see at the picture below: monumental pink drink.

Salty Chihuahua

Last month I was obsessed with pink cocktails, usually bitter or sour. And this one is the same, light refreshing drink without sugar.

A little bit pepper in aftertaste, sour grapefruit juice prevails thanks to backing received from 100%-agave tequila reposado with bright bitter and smoky palate.

Truly I was a bit sceptical about this recipe because of lack of sweetening (or bittering) agent there. I was ready to meet a drink with flat and simple taste. And I was totally wrong!

First minute I just sipped with great relish.

Later strange taste associations appeared, mainly vegetable: winter cherry, ripening strawberry and (most prominent) brown tomatoes. All these aftertastes were very light and short but in whole “Salty Chihuahua” was very unexpected, a bit psychedelic experience for me.